ACTIVE Your "MERMBERSHIP" into group
Please take time to re-read this info

Free to use for any role :"Member" & "FreeLinden$! Askme", receive and send general information. Then you can become a GoldVIP member. This role can charge some Tax and to follow "Boom" notice.
Active your GoldVIP MERBERSHIP into group for>>>Only 250 L$<<<a year 
To Become a "shopkeeper-vendor" or "Professional Merchant", read below "GoldVIP Elite"
*CONTACT TO : EcologicMoney Magic (SLName)
"GoldVIP Elite"  Role Profit
-If you want sell in your land and you do not have personals Items you can BECOME a "Shopkeeper-Vendor"to sell all items in "SL Store" of this web and earn up to 40% and If you want sell and you dont have items / Services GET AN INSTANT SHOP! with 223 ITEMS of all type, 10 PRIMS AND YOU KEEP up to 70% OF SALES!
Active your Shopkeeper-vendor into group for>>>Only 500 L$<<<a year

Active "Professional Merchant" role into group for>>>Only 1500 L$<<<

MORE: How does it work?
Basic Example of "MoneyGame" roleGame
1.-It  pay you 1L$ for each video you, visit virtual lands/shops, web offer and tasks , daily and weekly raffle up to 2000L$.
You can get money online (No SL). Contact me.

2-Earn2life pay for pick, visit places and web offer, and Jobs.Earn2Life: your online money-making opportunity!.Global Resident

3-Linden4Free Pay you for complet offer.(US Resident)

4-Specials invitations pay you for web offers up to 350L$, visit places, keep picks, contest and more

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